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This was originally posted on May 30th, 2018 on Medium

GitLab Review Apps are a convenient way of managing dynamic environments for the purpose of reviewing changes before merging into your main branch. GitLab has great Kubernetes support and can easily deploy to your clusters, but if your application is not nicely containerized or your team is not ready to take on Kubernetes, what do you do? You Terraform!



This was originally posted on February 28th, 2018 on Medium

Git’s rebase command is a common source of fear and confusion for Git users, especially those whom may have come from a more centralized version control system. That’s normal. Rebase is a weird, magical looking beast that just comes in and starts changing history willy-nilly.

Rebase is sort of like pointers; it is this confusing construct that everybody talks about but you have no idea why anybody would use it and then suddenly everything will click and the whole idea becomes glaringly obvious and incredibly simple.

I am here to force that click onto you so you can go into work and spread the wonder that is git rebase.


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